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WWE NXT (1/16/2024) Lineup:

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: Latino World Order (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) vs. Chase U (Duke Hudson & Riley Osborne)
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade
  • Lyra Valkyria & Tatum Paxley vs. Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez
  • Joe Coffey vs. Ridge Holland
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal
  • Obe Femi will address fans

WWE NXT (1/16/2024) Results:

Booker T and Vic Joseph serve as your announcers.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Hayes and Blade kick things off, with Hayes executing an arm drag, followed by Blade countering with one of his own. They both perform leg sweeps and go for covers. Hayes and Blade simultaneously attempt a dropkick and then get back to their feet. Blade applies a wrist lock, and Enofe tags in, leading to a double back elbow. Enofe gets chopped while attempting a free throw with his shirt. Trick tags in and delivers a dropkick, followed by a slam and another slam. Blade tags back in, and Trick lands punches on Enofe before hitting a flying clothesline on Blade. Trick follows up with a snap neckbreaker on Enofe.


Hayes misses a move off the turnbuckles, and Blade responds with clotheslines to Hayes. Blade dropkicks Trick off the apron. Hayes strikes with a super kick, and Enofe tags in, but he misses a crossbody, though he connects with a dropkick.

Trick tags in, and Enofe attempts arm drags, but Trick manages to avoid one. Trick Irish whips Enofe and splashes into the corner. Hayes tags in and delivers a corner splash. Hayes and Trick perform a double shoulder tackle, and Trick sends Hayes onto Enofe with a splash for a near fall. Trick tags back in and lands punches on Enofe. Enofe kicks Hayes and elbows Trick. Blade tags in and sends Trick into the turnbuckles. Enofe executes a Tiger Feint Kick, and Blade follows with a slingshot senton. Trick counters with an arm drag, but Blade responds with punches. Enofe tags in and punches Trick, as does Blade. Enofe finishes with a faceplant, and they give Hayes a flapjack. Blade and Enofe dive onto Hayes and Trick.

Hayes retaliates with chops to Enofe, who responds with chops of his own. Hayes delivers an elbow drop when Enofe gets back in the ring. Trick tags in, and they execute a double back elbow. Trick applies a front face lock, but Enofe counters with a dropkick. Blade tags in and hits a suplex. Blade misses punches in the corner, but Trick doesn’t miss with jabs and an uppercut. Trick’s attempt at a dropkick is thwarted when Blade holds onto the ropes. Blade lands a dropkick for a near fall. Enofe tags in, and they perform a double back elbow, resulting in a near fall. Enofe gets a near fall with a front face lock and maintains a side headlock. Trick blocks an Irish whip but misses a splash. Hayes tags in and nearly pins Enofe with a rollup.

Hayes secures a side headlock takedown, but Enofe counters with a rollup for a near fall. Hayes applies a reverse chin lock. Enofe attempts a belly-to-back suplex, but Hayes blocks it. Blade tags in and hits a slingshot backbreaker for a near fall. Enofe delivers forearms to Hayes. Trick tags in, landing a back elbow and clothesline. Enofe evades a cyclone kick, but Trick performs a double flapjack. Trick kicks Enofe in the ribs and executes a uranage for a near fall. Hayes tags in, and Blade executes a flip blockbuster. Trick follows with a neckbreaker on Blade. Enofe delivers a belly-to-back suplex to Trick and goes up top, hitting an elbow drop for a near fall. Hayes connects with a springboard clothesline on Enofe, but Blade kicks him and performs a frog splash for a near fall. Enofe attempts a pescado, but Trick punches him. Hayes finishes with the First 48, and Trick tags in, hitting the flying knee for the three-count.

Winners: Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes (advance to face the winner of LWO versus Chase U).

Fallon Henley interviews Kelly Kincaid, asking her about her chances tonight. Fallon emphasizes the challenge of facing 19 other women and the chaos it entails. Kelly Kincaid states her determination to make it to the final four and secure victory.

The broadcast then features a recap of Dragon Lee’s North American Championship win and a look back at the events from last week involving the North American Title.

As the show continues, Oba Femi is seen walking backstage, and the program goes to a commercial break.

In the backstage area, Lola and Elektra are seen walking and discussing their tag team match scheduled for tonight.

Tatum Paxley suddenly appears and confidently asserts that Lola and Elektra will lose their match tonight, and she will emerge victorious in the battle royal.

As the scene transitions to the ring, North American Champion Oba Femi makes his entrance.

Oba Femi begins by acknowledging the surprise of many at seeing him as the North American champion. He reveals that this achievement aligns with a long-standing prophecy that foretold his rise to greatness. From the moment he was born, it was said that he would become the biggest, strongest, and fastest, destined to stand above all others. Oba describes himself as a born leader, recounting his journey from being a young Nigerian prince to conquering his opposition. He highlights his success as a D1 athlete, where he dominated the world of championships and titles. Now in NXT, he remains focused on his goal, emphasizing that he made his mark by defeating three opponents to win the tournament. Oba Femi asserts that he will crush anyone who dares to stand in his way.

Dragon Lee’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Lee acknowledges the frustration he feels after last week’s loss and congratulates Oba Femi on his swift impact in NXT. He mentions that the North American Championship represents opportunity and expresses hope that Oba will continue to offer opportunities to others. Lee proposes an Open Challenge and requests to be Oba’s first opponent, even suggesting it for tonight.

Oba Femi contemplates the proposal and ultimately declines, stating that the Open Challenges are currently closed. Lee then shifts his focus to a rematch at Vengeance Day, asserting that he deserves it.

Oba responds by informing Lee that he no longer holds the power to decide. Femi suggests that he might consider the rematch but leaves it open-ended.

The scene transitions to Eddy Thorpe, who is seen with Hank and Tank. Eddy expresses his satisfaction with his performance against Dijak.

Trey Bearhill approaches them, thanks Eddy for representing his culture, and introduces himself to Eddy.

Dijak arrives on the scene and sarcastically commends Eddy for making a friend. He then makes a pointed remark about their culture, acknowledging that they taught everything but quitting. Dijak indicates that he will be facing Trey Bearhill tonight.

In the locker room, Trick and Hayes discuss their recent victory and their determination to win the Dusty Classic.

Suddenly, Ilja Dragunov enters the room and informs them that the medical staff has now cleared him for their upcoming fight. He expresses his commitment to not letting Trick down and acknowledges that Trick deserves a big stage for his match. Ilja then makes a generous offer, declaring that he will grant Trick his title match at Vengeance Day.

Trick excitedly shares the news with Hayes, but Hayes reminds Trick that the finals of the Dusty Classic are also scheduled to take place at Vengeance Day, highlighting the importance of their current journey.

Tatum Paxley and Lyra Valkyria vs. Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez

Lyra and Lopez start things off and Lopez with a full nelson and cravate. Lyra escapes and applies a side head lock. Lyra floats over in the corner and gets a near fall with a rollup. Lyra with a side head lock. Lopez goes to the floor and avoids a spining heel kick. Lyra with a drop kick through the ropes to Lopez and Tatum tags in and does the same to Lola.

In the match, Tatum takes control with a front face lock, and Lopez responds with a snapmare. However, Tatum counters with a cartwheel. Lopez uses the ropes to choke Tatum, and Lola tags in, delivering a chest kick for a near fall. Lola follows up with knees to the midsection, and Lopez tags back in, connecting with shoulder strikes. Lola tags in again, and they execute a double forearm, resulting in a near fall.

Lyra and Lopez then tag in, with Lyra delivering clotheslines and an enzuigiri, followed by a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Lopez kicks Lyra into the corner, and Tatum tags in, hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Lyra and Lola exchange punches, and Lola kicks Tatum. Tatum accidentally falls onto Lopez when she pushes Lyra out of the way, leading to the three-count.

Winners: Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley

In the locker room, the women discuss their aspirations to become the number one contender. Arianna Grace emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself to achieve success. She expresses her determination to win tonight, mentioning her victory over Roxanne Perez last week. Grace envisions herself walking down the aisle to challenge Lyra for the Women’s title and dedicates her efforts to every girl with dreams. She sends a message to those who doubt her, declaring that she is one step closer to the title.

As Grace delivers her speech, everyone gradually leaves the locker room, seemingly uninterested in her words.

Ridge Holland vs. Joe Coffey (with Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

n the match, Joe and Ridge initially lock up, but they reach a stalemate. They lock up again, with another stalemate. Joe lands a punch and applies a side headlock. Joe bounces off Ridge with a shoulder tackle, and they exchange punches. Joe attempts a diving headbutt but misses, allowing Ridge to execute an overhead belly-to-belly suplex followed by a splash. Ridge Irish whips Joe and delivers a back body drop. He follows up with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex and backs Joe into the corner. Ridge continues with shoulder strikes and punches, pushing Wolfgang off the apron. Joe counters with a dropkick and an Irish whip, followed by a double jump elbow drop for a near fall. Joe applies an armbar, but Ridge fights back with knees and a hip toss. Ridge headbutts Joe in the chest and lifts him onto his shoulders for a hot shot. Ridge lands a punch and finishes Joe with an Island Driver for the three-count.

Winner: Ridge Holland

After the match, Wolfgang and Mark attack Ridge, and they seem to expect someone to come to Ridge’s aid. However, no one arrives, and Joe joins in the attack, making it three on one. Joe instructs his partners to lift Ridge up, and he hits his finishing move, “All the Best for the Bells.”

The broadcast then shifts to NXT Anonymous and a meeting of Chase U. Jacy mentions that their work has only just begun and suggests hanging out with Jazmin for drinks.

The show goes to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Kelani Jordan speaks passionately, mentioning that she has a chip on her shoulder and is determined to break through in 2024. She expresses frustration with people telling her to be patient.

Brinley Reece chimes in, expressing her admiration for Kelani’s spirit and excitement for the upcoming battle royal.

Kelani emphasizes that in the battle royal, it’s every person for themselves, but they both express support for each other, hoping the other wins if it isn’t them.

Next, Kelly is seen interviewing Baron Corbin, who begins by referring to himself as the leader of the team. However, Bron Breakker interrupts and questions Baron’s claim, mentioning a text he received with the wrong interview time.

Baron explains that he gave Bron a pep talk because he appeared nervous before their match. Bron counters, saying he led the team to victory and saved Baron during the match, not for personal glory but for the team. He asserts that the Wolf Dogs are on the hunt and will defeat Axiom and Frazer next week.

Baron asks about the team name, and Bron brings up the name “Wolf Dogs,” which Baron dislikes. Baron questions how long it took Bron to come up with the name, to which Bron mentions three or four weeks, but Baron reminds him that they’ve only been a team for two weeks. Baron is uncomfortable with the idea that Bron was thinking about him or the team in the shower.

Baron dismisses the team name, prompting Bron to suggest that Baron come up with one instead. Baron, however, insists that Bron is supposed to be the creative one and suggests “Wild Boars” as an alternative.

As Baron walks away, the discussion about the team name continues.

Duke Hudson and RIley Osborne (with Andre Chase) versus Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro (with Zelina Vega) in a First Round Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Riley starts with a double-leg takedown and a cover on Cruz for a near fall. Cruz responds with a sunset flip for his near fall. Cruz takes Riley down with a side headlock and transitions into an arm drag followed by an armbar. Wilde tags in and hits a slingshot splash for a near fall. Wilde sends Riley into the corner with an Irish whip, but Riley leaps over him. Wilde still manages to dropkick Riley into the corner, and Duke tags in, hitting a side slam. Wilde retaliates with a jawbreaker, and Cruz tags in. They attempt a double suplex, but Duke counters, performing a double suplex of his own. Duke follows up with a double clothesline, sending Cruz and Wilde over the top rope to the floor. Riley tags in and executes a Fosbury Flop onto Cruz and Wilde.

The action continues after a commercial break, with Wilde maintaining control using an armbar. Riley manages to counter with a punch and attempts a belly-to-back into a facebuster for a near fall. Cruz tags in and chops Riley, and Wilde follows with a chop of his own. They Irish whip Riley and he hits a twisting senton. Riley kicks Cruz away and tags in Duke, who delivers forearms and a running boot. Duke blocks a kick, unleashes a series of jabs, and hits the U Elbow. Duke sends Wilde into the air and goes for a powerbomb, but Cruz escapes. Cruz kicks Duke and tags in Wilde.

Duke executes a side slam on Cruz, but Wilde intervenes with a missile dropkick when the referee fails to make the count. Wilde follows with a thrust kick to Duke and a kick to Riley. Wilde then performs a suicide dive into a tornado DDT on the floor. Cruz tags back in, and Wilde hits a double-jump moonsault. Cruz finishes Duke with a twisting senton for the three count.

Winners: Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde (advance to face Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes)

In a backstage segment, Adrianna expresses her excitement and nervousness for her first match. Channing reassures her, mentioning they always take care of themselves. Tony reminds Rizzo of her past actions in fights, to which Rizzo justifies her actions by stating that those people deserved it. Tony reminds Rizzo that the women in the battle royal also deserve a fair chance.

Joe Gacy joins the commentary team for the upcoming match.

Dijak vs, Trey Bearhill

In the match, Trey initially blocks a kick and applies a side headlock. He follows with a back body drop and a shoulder tackle, along with punches. Dijak manages to crotch Trey on the middle rope and delivers a superkick for a near fall. Dijak continues with a forearm and a running back elbow. He proceeds with more strikes, throwing Trey to the mat and getting another near fall. Dijak follows up with elbows and forearms in the corner. Trey attempts a suplex but ends up being thrown into the turnbuckles by Dijak. Dijak executes an elbow drop for another near fall and continues with more strikes.

Trey retaliates with punches, a back rake, and a crossbody for a near fall. He then applies a nerve hold, but Dijak counters with a snapmare and a Cyclone kick for the three-count.

Winner: Dijak

After the match, Joe Gacy attacks Dijak, and they engage in a brawl that spills to the backstage area.

Lexis King appears and hits a running knee to the back of Dijak, followed by a straitjacket neckbreaker.

In a backstage segment, Josh Briggs seeks advice from JBL on how to improve. JBL explains that he chose Josh for the qualifier to help him understand who he is as a wrestler. JBL encourages Josh to show NXT and WWE who he truly is.

A video package highlights DrewVolution, emphasizing their dedication to training and conditioning, as well as their commitment to showing no quarter, no pity, and no mercy.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are in the locker room, discussing the title match. Trick apologizes for wanting the match, and Hayes reassures him, emphasizing their mutual goal of winning the Dusty Cup at Vengeance Day and then having Trick challenge Ilja for the title. Hayes advises Trick to stay focused on their immediate objectives and not underestimate the LWO.

The broadcast announces a contract signing for the Women’s Title Match at Vengeance Day next week, as well as a semifinal match featuring Axiom and Nathan Frazer against Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin.

The show concludes with a mention of Cora Jade’s recent injury over the weekend.

Number One Contender Battle Royal

As the bell rings to start the match, participants pair off into various battles. Jordan and Izzi exchange forearms, while Parker and Rizzo continue their fight on the floor. Gigi targets Jackson and slams her hand into the turnbuckle before headbutting Jackson off the apron, eliminating her. Rizzo and Parker return to the ring, exchanging forearms. Legend grabs both of them and sends them to the apron, but they manage to save themselves. Izzi pushes Lash into Rizzo, eliminating Rizzo, and then knocks Rizzo off the apron to eliminate her.

Jordan goes up top and hits a crossbody, but she’s caught by Lash and Izzi. They press her over their heads, but she manages to get back to her feet. They kick Jordan and attempt to send her over the top rope, but she hangs on to the ropes, avoiding elimination.

During the commercial break, Stevie Turner was eliminated.

Reece gets Lola up and tries to send her to the apron, but Lopez eliminates Reece from behind and helps Lola back into the ring. They share a hug, but Lopez has some words for Reece before being eliminated by Lola. Paxley eliminates Vice, and Lopez and Vice continue to fight as they make their way to the back. Blair tries to eliminate Hail, but Karmen makes the save. Gigi attempts to eliminate Blair but ends up going over the top rope when Blair pulls the ropes down, resulting in Gigi’s elimination.

Blair then targets Thea and tries to eliminate her. Thea manages to hold on, and Blair sets up for a Bea Trigger, but Karmen intervenes with a crescent kick. Blair pulls Karmen to the floor and hits a Bea Trigger on her.

Blair sends Karmen back into the ring, but she remains motionless on the apron, and no one attempts to eliminate her. Grace tries to eliminate Lash, but Lash pushes her away. Izzi eliminates Grace, and Thea, seeing the unconscious Karmen on the apron, picks her up and puts her over the top rope to eliminate her. Grace celebrates her elimination as if she had won a pageant, but Thea quickly eliminates Grace.

Kiana targets Thea and sends her into the turnbuckles multiple times. Thea responds by sending Kiana into the turnbuckles. Jordan attempts to eliminate Izzi, while Lash delivers a backbreaker to Thea. Sinclair sends Perez into the ropes, but Perez holds on. Perez goes to the apron and holds onto the ropes. Hail kicks Dame and delivers a forearm to James. Thea gets back into the ring and sends Dame into the turnbuckles, attempting to choke her. Thea follows with an elbow and knee lift. Dame goes into the turnbuckles, and Thea hits a bulldog. Thea delivers a clothesline to James, Henley, and Jordan. She follows with an elbow to Jordan in the corner, giving Lash a DDT. Thea then kicks Perez and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Thea continues with an exploder to Sinclair, a flip senton, and a springboard coffin drop. She repeats the sequence with an exploder to James and a flip senton. However, as she attempts another springboard coffin drop, Dame catches her and sends Thea to the floor, eliminating her from the match.

Fallon sends James to the apron and delivers a forearm. Dame makes the save for James. Lash strikes James with a forearm, and then Dame and Lash exchange running clotheslines, both going down. Fallon and Perez team up to eliminate Dame. Lash manages to hit a double clothesline on Fallon and Perez but is eliminated by Sinclair. Sinclair sends James to the apron, and James eliminates Sinclair.

The final four participants are Kiana James, Fallon Henley, Roxanne Perez, and Kelani Jordan.

James delivers a knee and forearm to Henley, but Henley fights back. Perez and Jordan exchange punches. Fallon sends James into Jordan, and James responds with an enzuigiri. James and Henley simultaneously exchange punches, both going down. Perez performs a suicide dive on Henley, while Jordan executes an Asai moonsault on James and Dame. Jordan blocks a side Russian leg sweep and nearly pins James with a rollup. Perez gets a near fall on Jordan. Henley lands a jumping side kick on Perez and follows with a springboard blockbuster on Jordan, nearly getting the three-count.

James hits a shoulder on Jordan and then on Perez. Henley delivers a back elbow to James. James counters with a spinebuster on Henley, getting a near fall. Jordan dropkicks Perez and kicks James, missing a Playmaker. James executes the “401k” on Jordan. James positions Perez on the turnbuckles for a superplex, but Perez blocks it. Perez goes for a powerbomb, but James holds onto the ropes. James kicks Henley off the apron, and Perez kicks James while on the turnbuckles. Perez attempts a Frankensteiner on James, but Jordan delivers a frog splash to James. Perez breaks up the pin attempt. Henley hits a shining wizard on James, but Perez sends Henley to the apron. Perez follows with a superkick. Jordan kicks Perez and goes for a split-legged moonsault, but Dame pulls James out of harm’s way. Perez kicks Jordan and connects with the “Pop Rox” to eliminate Jordan for the three-count.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

After the match, Lyra Valkyria enters the ring to hold up her title belt and shares a staredown with Roxanne Perez from a distance.

The show concludes with the credits.

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