AEW World Champion Samoa Joe is set to defend his title against HOOK on AEW Dynamite this week, and a newly-designed championship belt has been created specifically for Joe.

This custom title features a black strap instead of the traditional brown one, and while the main plate remains the same, custom nameplates have been added to the sides to represent the champion.

While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Joe expressed his gratitude for the new championship design, which was created on his behalf and presented by the Khan family. He emphasized that the title is a symbol of his reign as champion and that it won’t be changing hands anytime soon.

That was done on my behalf, and it is a wonderful piece of gold from the Khan family,” said Joe. “It’s not going anywhere for a long time, so that’s to let everyone know who the champion is.” 


Samoa Joe mentioned that the previous belt was very fancy-looking, but he believes that his championship belt belongs among the elite, reflecting his values as the AEW World Champion.

Joe’s title victory came after defeating MJF at Worlds End, and he is determined to establish a lasting legacy with his newly-designed championship belt.

What are your thoughts on the newly-designed AEW World Championship belt for Samoa Joe? Do you believe this custom title adds to the prestige of the championship? Share your opinions and predictions for the championship match between Samoa Joe and HOOK on AEW Dynamite.

Steve Carrier

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