Jinder Mahal is not letting his recent loss deter him, and he has his sights set on a strong 2024.

Despite not capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Title on WWE Raw, Jinder Mahal remains determined and optimistic about the year ahead.

When asked in an interview with WWE India if he plans to declare for the 2024 Royal Rumble, Mahal responded with enthusiasm, saying, “I’m gonna try my best. The way the year 2024 has been going, I feel like I can win it, but I’m trying my best to be in it. Let’s make noise.”

He continued, “Let’s get the WWE Universe to tweet, get on social media, tag Triple H, let’s tag WWE, let’s make it happen. Let’s either get myself or one of Indus Sher, Veer, or Sanga, at least in the Royal Rumble, one of us. India needs to be represented in the Royal Rumble, so guys, let’s make some noise. Let’s make it happen.”


As of now, only a few WWE Superstars have officially declared for the WWE Royal Rumble, and Jinder Mahal has yet to announce his participation. However, he is determined to make an impact in the wrestling world in 2024 and is actively seeking a spot in the prestigious Royal Rumble match.

Jinder Mahal’s determination to secure a spot in the 2024 Royal Rumble is evident. What are your thoughts on his eagerness to represent India in the Royal Rumble, and do you believe he has a legitimate chance of winning the match? Feel free to share your opinions and predictions.

Steve Carrier

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