CM Punk returned to WWE during Survivor Series 2023, and nobody saw that coming. This was a big shock, and it is still registering with some fans. Apparently, Jinder Mahal doesn’t even know how to feel about it yet.

CM Punk’s may have to share a lot of the spotlight with Jinder Mahal soon enough. The Modern Day Maharaja is getting big opportunity during the January 15th episode of WWE RAW. Naturally, people want to know what Jinder thinks right now.

While speaking with WWE India on their Instagram page, Jinder Mahal was asked to share his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE. It seems that he’s not really happy or sad about things, because he’s just excited to see what happens.

“I have mixed emotions [laughs]. The fan in me is excited, excited for CM Punk’s return. I’m excited for the matches, I’m excited to get in the ring with CM Punk. But I do see Seth’s point because I was there when CM Punk was in WWE the last time, and Seth also has a point. But nonetheless, let’s see what CM Punk does. Let’s see his attitude, let’s see his reaction. Let’s see if he offers up the opportunities to younger superstars. Let’s see. Overall, I’m excited. But I could see Seth’s point. But at the same time, we have a new generation of fans. Some people watching haven’t seen CM Punk before, and this is the first time they’re seeing CM Punk. But CM Punk is one of the all-time greats, and I’m curious to see if he still has it. So let’s find out.”


WWE has a lot of booking options, especially with CM Punk’s return to the company. Jinder Mahal is on the verge of another big push, but he needs to pull down a win over Seth Rollins on January 15h. Either way, Punk will be in the 2024 Royal Rumble match.

We will have more updates on this story, and many more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, especially with so many characters operating in the world.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s WWE return? Was it a big shock that you’re over already? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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