Wall Street analysts have assigned WWE & UFC parent company TKO Groups its first “hold” rating, marking a significant development for the company’s stock since it began trading in September.

Stephen Glagola and George Kuhle of TD Cowen provided this rating due to concerns about TKO Groups’ performance and the ongoing antitrust lawsuit involving the UFC, filed by 1,200 former UFC fighters. The lawsuit, scheduled for trial in April, was labeled as a “risk catalyst” that demands investor attention.

Additionally, the analysts expressed worries about upcoming media rights renewals, suggesting that TKO is already heavily reliant on US media rights.

These factors have contributed to the “hold” rating, indicating a degree of caution among Wall Street analysts regarding TKO Groups’ stock performance.


How do you think TKO Group Holdings, Inc. will navigate these challenges, including the antitrust lawsuit and media rights renewals, while maintaining its stock performance in the long run? What strategies could they employ to address these concerns and maintain investor confidence? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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