Matt Riddle had quite a ride in WWE, and that included some funny moments. One segment that fans haven’t forgotten about included him flubbing lines in a backstage promo, and now we know what he was supposed to say.

In a March 2021 episode of WWE Raw, Matt Riddle approached Asuka while riding his scooter. During their interaction, Riddle inquired about the potential popularity of scooters in Japan. However, he quickly interrupted himself, stating, “I’m sorry, I forgot what I was saying.”

During a virtual signing with Signed By Superstars, Matt Riddle was asked about the promo and what went wrong. He was able to remember a lot more about the promo this time and also revealed that he wasn’t even aware they were live at the time it was being filmed.

“Let’s talk about that promo. One, usually when they go live, they tell you. Sometimes, you go through a couple of rehearsals beforehand. I had the scooter, they gave it to me and said, ‘We don’t want to see you. Go 20 yards that way and roll down.’ I rolled down, and I didn’t know it was live TV. The promo they originally had was me talking about how I had been to Japan before, which I hadn’t, and how I would go to underground robot fights and I was going to ask Asuka if scooters would be a big hit in Japan. Yeah, I forgot everything. I forgot everything when I rolled up.


“I scoot back to the locker room. Me and Randy [Randy Orton] didn’t really talk, I guess Randy didn’t really like me when I first started working there because I am who I am. Randy comes up to me and goes, ‘I don’t know if that shit was planned, but that was your best promo yet.'”

We will have to see what is next for Matt Riddle. He certainly had an interesting time in WWE. Only time will tell when he gets another promo on television, and if he remembers his words.

For more on this story, and so much more, please keep checking back with us here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, especially with so many interesting characters going around.

What’s your take on this story from Matt Riddle? Do you think the promo turned out better without the right words? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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