Mercedes Mone and Bayley recently graced the red carpet at the premiere event for the upcoming Hulu film, ‘Self Reliance,’ and both stars excitedly shared their experiences on social media.

Photos of the dynamic duo attending the premiere event surfaced on various platforms, capturing their memorable moments at the gathering. Their appearances together generated enthusiasm among fans and were hailed as “WHOLEESOME” by Dark Puroresu Flowsion.

‘Self Reliance,’ directed by Jake Johnson, is set to debut on Hulu on Friday, January 12. The film boasts a star-studded cast, featuring Johnson himself, along with Andy Samberg, Anna Kendrick, Theo Wilson, and Christopher Lloyd.

The movie’s premise, as described on IMDb, revolves around a man who is presented with the opportunity to participate in a life-or-death reality game show, leading him to discover the value of life itself.


What are your thoughts on Mercedes Mone and Bayley attending the premiere event for ‘Self Reliance’ on Hulu? Are you excited about the film’s release, and do you think it could provide a unique opportunity for wrestlers to showcase their talents in the world of acting? Share your opinions and expectations for both Mercedes Mone’s wrestling future and the upcoming movie!

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