Newly appointed WWE Head of Media & Production Lee Fitting has officially taken the reins from Kevin Dunn, as confirmed in press release on January 9, 2024. WWE President Nick Khan highlighted Fitting’s qualifications and strengths in the announcement.

Despite the formal announcement, Fitting’s appointment has generated mixed reactions within the wrestling community. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared insights into the backstage sentiment regarding this hiring decision:

“Lee Fitting came from ESPN, he was let go in August. He did Monday Night Football, was very responsible for College GameDay. It was an interesting move because everybody expected someone from wrestling to be promoted, whether it was somebody that was already working there with Kevin Dunn in WWE, which was the prediction. A lot of people wanted them to get, or thought that they would make a play for Mike Mansury, although I think that would have been impossible.”

Mike Mansury had previously worked for WWE as the Vice President for Global Television but departed from the company in 2020. He later joined AEW as the Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer in December 2022.


Meltzer elaborated on the speculation surrounding Mansury’s return, acknowledging that while some may assume WWE can easily bring back anyone, contractual agreements make such moves more complicated:

“A lot of people just think WWE snaps fingers and they can get anyone, but the reality is contracts are contracts, it ain’t that easy when you have that. So when I kept hearing his name, I kept saying he’s under contract, that ain’t happening anytime soon. So they went outside (of wrestling), which makes sense because Nick Khan is President of the company, and Nick Khan’s connections are all in the sports world.”

Lee Fitting’s appointment as WWE’s Head of Media & Production has sparked discussion and divided opinions, with some speculating about the potential return of former WWE executive Mike Mansury, despite contractual complexities.

What are your thoughts on Lee Fitting taking over as WWE’s Head of Media & Production and the backstage reactions to this hiring decision? Do you believe that WWE’s choice to look outside of the wrestling industry for this role will bring new perspectives and changes to the company’s media and production efforts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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