Jimmy Jacobs, who joined AEW as a producer in June 2023 after spending over five years at IMPACT Wrestling, recently commented on his decision to leave IMPACT and join AEW. Jacobs had previously been a member of the creative team at IMPACT/TNA before his departure.

Jacobs explained during an appearance on Developmentally Speaking that his decision to leave IMPACT and join AEW was motivated by a sense of timing and creative burnout. He felt that he had accomplished what he could at IMPACT and that it was time for new creative blood to contribute to the company’s growth. Jacobs described feeling creatively burnt out and a sense that the dynamic within the creative team had reached its limit.

He also revealed that Bryan Danielson called him around the same time, presenting an opportunity for him to make the transition to AEW. Jacobs viewed this as the universe presenting him with an opportunity to move on from IMPACT.

Regarding his role at AEW, Jacobs clarified that he primarily handles formatting the show, organizing information, and communicating information. He emphasized that his job at AEW was never intended to be a creative role, as he had grown tired of writing wrestling television on a weekly basis during his time at IMPACT. Instead, his role at AEW focuses more on administrative tasks.


“Mostly what I do is I format the show and organize information and communicate information. It’s been…it was never supposed to be a creative role. I was burnt out at IMPACT. I was burnt out writing wrestling television every week and I really didn’t want to do it anymore. My job at AEW really doesn’t involve me writing wrestling television. It’s far more admin.”

Tony Khan has acknowledged Jacobs as someone who contributes in a backstage capacity and participates in creative and production meetings within the company. Jacobs’ experience and contributions provide valuable support to AEW’s operations.

Given Jimmy Jacobs’ decision to leave IMPACT Wrestling and his role as a producer in AEW, what are your thoughts on the impact of creative burnout in the wrestling industry? Let us know in the comments.

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