Dolph Ziggler, known for his incredible in-ring skills during his WWE days, found himself on the chopping block when he was released from the company back in September. Now, Ziggler has finally broken his silence on his firing and revealed that he was prepared for his WWE release long before it happened.

Ziggler had a successful WWE career, securing titles such as the World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and United States Championships. Despite his notable achievements, he had not been in the ring since May and had limited television appearances since his 2022 NXT run.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Dolph Ziggler discussed how he prepared for his WWE release and entering free agency. He revealed that he had been anticipating the move for the last several months, recognizing the need for a change in his career.

“I was prepared. For the last six, eight, ten months going, ‘At some point, I have to make a change here.’ As you get ready to go and see you don’t have a chance to be in a PPV match and steal the show. You don’t have a chance to have a six-minute match to steal the show. You have a match and it’s three minutes and you don’t get an entrance and everyone knows who is winning. Can I find a way to have that work? Once that started happening, even a couple of years ago when Roode [Bobby Roode] and I were tagging, I was thinking, ‘At some point, I have to be ready to go. Will my shape and stamina still be there?’


I have been preparing so long and getting things ready to go, it wasn’t ‘What? What do I do now? I’m free.’ I was planning for half of this entire last contract going, ‘I know at some point, I’m being paid way too much to sit at home so I’m gonna have to get out of here.’ I always wanted to be ready to go, just in case they said, ‘I know you’ve been doing 90-second matches, can you do 30 minutes with The Undertaker?’ You’re damn right I can.

Ziggler had been proactive in staying physically ready and had even communicated with the company about his desire to explore other opportunities. The release wasn’t unexpected for him, as he had been planning and preparing for it for quite some time.

I was ready to go anyway, I just wanted to have every option available. It wasn’t out of the blue. I had sent emails to the boss over the last few months saying, ‘I have to move on to somewhere else, can you let me do this?’ Eventually, without exact back and forth, that’s how it worked out. It wasn’t weird because it was so six, eight, ten months in place going, ‘Here it comes.’ Now, I have 90 days sitting around, which broke my heart, but I just got extra workouts.”

Dolph Ziggler’s unexpected appearance at Wrestle Kingdom 18 created buzz among wrestling fans as well. He also debuted a new gimmick right after the event, something that fans absolutely loved. Downstait might also produce his new entrance theme, so it remains to be seen what the future holds for the former WWE Superstar.

What’s your view on this story concerning Dolph Ziggler? Do you feel his WWE release was necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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