WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has voiced his support for the idea of bringing back the six-sided ring in TNA Wrestling. Angle believes that reintroducing the unique six-sided ring would be a positive move for the promotion.

During an episode of “The Kurt Angle Show,” Angle shared his thoughts on the potential return of the six-sided ring. He highlighted the advantages of this ring design, stating, “I think it’s a great idea. I’ll tell you this, the six-sided ring is a lot faster.”

Angle went on to explain that the smaller ring size and unique shape of the six-sided ring result in faster-paced action and less downtime during matches. Wrestlers can bounce off the ropes more quickly, leading to a more action-packed and dynamic wrestling experience.

“Guys are coming off the ropes quicker because it’s a smaller ring. I think that’s why TNA, it’s really action-packed because there’s not a lot of dead time.”


He emphasized that the six-sided ring’s smaller dimensions force wrestlers to engage with their opponents more frequently, resulting in more intense and fast-paced matches.

“Okay, when you’re in there, you bounce off the ropes, one step, one-and-a-half steps, and you’re going to step into the opponent that’s going to end up throwing you. The ring is a lot smaller when it’s six sides than when it’s four sides.”

TNA Wrestling recently announced its rebranding to TNA as part of its new direction, and this move has sparked interest and discussions within the wrestling community. The potential return of the six-sided ring is just one of the many changes fans and wrestlers are anticipating as TNA seeks to reestablish its identity in the wrestling world.

TNA Hard To Kill, scheduled for January 13, 2024, in Las Vegas, will feature Alex Shelley defending the TNA Heavyweight Championship against Moose in the main event. The event may provide further insights into the direction and changes that TNA plans to implement moving forward.

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