Chris Jericho’s name made headlines on the morning of AEW Worlds End. Now, plenty of people are commenting about the situation, especially those who have worked with Jericho in the past.

Allegations about Chris Jericho and Kylie Rae broke the internet. We previously reported that Tony Khan praised his company for being so safe, but that didn’t stop a flood of reactions from pouring in.

Chris Jericho received chant of “NDA” from the Long Island crowd during AEW Worlds End as well. After the show, Tony Khan couldn’t speak about those allegations and rumors about the former AEW World Champion.

During Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree, Paul London gave his two cents on the situation. He was quite open when discussing the allegations against Jericho. He started off by saying that he was a fan of Jericho’s but “that can go away fairly quickly after a few sour interactions.” He also made mention of seeing how people really are from a politicking standpoint.


It was also said that they had a spot planned in the Royal Rumble where Paul London would have a little spot with Renee Dupree before he was thrown out. Then Chris Jericho “went through great lengths to go ‘No, it’s gonna be all me.'” He then said that Jericho is a “selfish worker.”

“What kind of ‘legend’ are you? Are you gonna be selfish and kind of a vampire to the business and just suck and suck and suck and suck and suck, literally and figuratively, I don’t know. Or are you gonna be more of a cornerstone? Someone who will cultivate and help water these plants that will hopefully turn into a massive jungle of healthy plants and trees where you helped sow these seeds by giving back and sharing your experiences in a positive way. Not being a complete f*cking mark for yourself, which I stress with anyone who trains with me.”

Tony Khan made it clear during the press conference after AEW Worlds End that he would not comment on “unsourced rumors” about Chris Jericho. Still, plenty of other fans from around the pro wrestling world had no problem commenting about the situation.

We will have to see if more stories about Chris Jericho come to light. It seems that anyone who has something to say at this point has the green light to say as they please at this point.

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