Dax Harwood of FTR took to Twitter to express his views on tag team wrestling, addressing common misconceptions that tag team competition is somehow lesser or not as significant as singles matches. His tweet emphasized the historical significance and drawing power of tag team wrestling in the world of professional wrestling.

In his tweet, Harwood stated, “Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen people tweet, ‘insert name should be in a singles match!’ or ‘why are they wasting insert name in a tag team?!’ Yall, tag team wrestling IS a draw, & has been for MANY years.” He emphasized that tag team wrestling has a rich history and has been a major attraction for decades.

Harwood further pointed out that the opinion of a single individual who held a monopoly over wrestling and didn’t prioritize tag teams should not diminish the importance of tag team wrestling. He mentioned iconic tag teams such as the Rock & Roll Express, Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Arn & Tully, and New Age Outlaws as examples of tag teams that drew significant money and had a lasting impact on the industry.

He concluded his tweet by asserting that tag team wrestling can indeed be a main event attraction, and he felt that FTR had demonstrated this on several occasions.


In addition to his thoughts on tag team wrestling, Harwood also praised independent tag teams, The Dawson Brothers and The Midnight Heat, acknowledging their contributions to the tag team wrestling scene.

Dax Harwood’s tweet brings up an interesting perspective on tag team wrestling. What are your thoughts on the significance of tag team wrestling in the world of professional wrestling, and do you agree that it can be a major draw and main event attraction?

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