The wrestling world is currently mired in controversy, with serious allegations of misconduct against Chris Jericho. The accusations are linked to his alleged actions towards Kylie Rae, leading to her departure from AEW in 2019. The fallout from these allegations has cast a shadow over Jericho’s reputation.

Nick Hausman initially hinted at undisclosed issues from Jericho’s past, suggesting potential controversies. Subsequent tweets alleged that Kylie Rae had an uncomfortable encounter with Chris Jericho in a hotel room, cited as a significant factor in her decision to leave AEW.

Adding complexity to the situation, a video clip from 2019 has resurfaced where Chris Jericho downplayed allegations of hush money involving Vince McMahon. This previously overlooked footage, given the recent accusations against Jericho, is now gaining significant attention, prompting fans to reassess their perceptions of Jericho’s character. Chris Jericho was also bombarded with NDA chants during AEW Worlds End.

While speaking on the Cafe de Rene podcast, former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree revealed that he was told by independent talent in Manitoba that Chris Jericho had a bad reputation for going after other wrestlers’ girlfriends and getting physical with them. It was added that Jericho was notorious for such deeds, which were considered a sin back then.


Someone asked me if I ever heard any rumors about Jericho and women. I told when I first broke into the business, the indie guys from Manitoba, told me, ‘Yeah, Jericho’s rep was that he tries to f*** your girlfriend.’ He was notorious for f***** other guys’ girlfriends, which at one point was a sin, you stay away from the other guys’ wives and girlfriends. Nothing brings more animosity into a locker room than when you’re fooling around with someone else’s f***** significant other. Does it surprise me he does that? No. He was always an a****** to me for no reason.”

AEW President Tony Khan also refused to speak on unsourced rumors about Chris Jericho. There is a disciplinary committee in place, but Tony Khan couldn’t speak about Chris Jericho’s situation. Only time will tell what will become of Chris Jericho as things simply don’t look good for him as more and more allegations come forward.

What do you think of such accusations meted out against Chris Jericho? Do you feel Chris Jericho is innocent in all of this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Transcription by Ringside News

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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