Chris Jericho offers guidance to emerging wrestlers, playing a role as a locker room leader in WWE. As an executive producer on the “Death Tour Documentary,” he wanted to get out there and promote things.

The documentary chronicles the journeys of aspiring wrestlers as they navigate remote communities, facing challenging conditions to reach various towns. Drawing from his own experience, Chris Jericho participated in the Canadian Death Tour early in his career, a challenging task that some notable names in the pro wrestling world such as Adam Copeland, Kenny Omega, and Christian Cage have taken on in the past.

Chris Jericho appeared on Nerdtropolis, and he was asked what advice he would give young wrestlers. The Wizard was not short on words that he has for young talent.

“Do all of those types of matches you can do. Do a Death Tour. Track Tony Condello down and he probably still wants you to send a picture and a videotape, that’s how he used to do it. Send them your link. One of these tours, it will push you, but it will teach you so many lessons, not just about wrestling, but about life. You’ll be able to prove to yourself if you really want to do this.”


If you don’t want to do this, you’re not going to want to travel 16 hours in a cramped up freezing van across a frozen lake to get to a high school gymnasium in the middle of nowhere, set up the ring, wrestle a match, take the ring down, put your sleeping bag on the gym floor and eat a ham sandwich for 30 bucks. When you’re getting paid probably $50 for the night. That’s just how it is. Either you do it, and you take the benefits of it, or you just look at the reasons why you don’t want to do it and pack up your stuff and never get involved in wrestling again.” 

Chris Jericho’s name started making headlines on December 30th, when allegations about alleged misconduct surfaced. He allegedly had an encounter with Kylie Rae in a hotel room, and that led to her AEW departure. We will have to see if he ever addresses that.

Tony Khan did say something about the “unsourced rumors” about Chris Jericho’s alleged misconduct. He allegedly has NDAs in play as well, but only time will tell if that will follow him. AEW fans did chant “NDA’ and “Kylie Rae” at him during Worlds End.

What’s your take on Chris Jericho’s legacy in pro wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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