Samoa Joe is a highly skilled and accomplished professional wrestler, who has competed all over the world over the past couple of decades. He ended up betraying MJF on Dynamite this week, as he sided with The Devil. Now, Joe explained his actions ahead of tonight’s Worlds End event.

During Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Joe and MJF were slated to join forces in the main event to defend the ROH Tag Team Titles against the Devil’s Masked Men. However, due to an injury sustained backstage, Joe was unable to compete in the match.

This prompted MJF to face the masked men all alone. Unfortunately, MJF, competing alone, ended up losing the titles to the mysterious masked opponents. In a surprising turn of events, Joe eventually made his way to the ring to thwart the masked men, preventing them from hurting MJF.

To everyone’s shock, a message appeared on the screen from the Devil, stating, “Pleasure doing business with you.” It was then revealed that Joe had faked his injury, and in a twist of betrayal, he attacked MJF with a chair. AEW has now released a video of Samoa Joe following his actions on AEW Dynamite, as The Samoan Submission Machine made it clear MJF should have worried about Joe instead of The Devil.


See, that’s exactly what I wanted people like you and Max to think. Because we’re playing asymmetrical warfare right? Max started this, I’m a man of simple combative means, I’ll meet you in the streets, I’ll meet you in the ring. I’ll meet you at your house and you can catch this fade.

All you have to do is show up, Max. At Grand Slam, you didn’t show up, you showed up with your friends, you showed up with a plan – you had everything figured out, Max. Or did you? Because in a world full of checkers players, I’m out here playing Chess, Max. You never saw this coming. You’ve been worried about a Devil the whole time, when you really needed to be worried about destiny.

We will have to wait and see whether The Samoan Submission Machine will end up dethroning MJF for the AEW World Championship in the main event of AEW Worlds End tonight. After all, some fans have grown tired of MJF’s reign now.

What do you think of what Samoa Joe had to say? Do you want him to defeat MJF for the AEW World Championship at Worlds End tonight? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Transcription by Ringside News

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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