MJF has earned a reputation as one of the standout heels in the current generation of professional wrestlers, and it’s not difficult to see why. As the AEW World Champion, he commands respect from both fans and veterans in the industry. He also admitted that AEW has lost its footing in some areas but also made it clear he couldn’t care less about those who want AEW to die.

AEW President Tony Khan oversees the company’s operations, but recent months have seen a decline in fan engagement with the product. Apathy among fans has been noted, and the company is facing a steady decline in ratings across all its shows, particularly AEW Dynamite.

This trend has become a concern for both fans and professional wrestlers associated with the promotion. Not just that, fans simply feel there is a lot of the old AEW magic that is missing in the current product.

While speaking to TV Insider, the AEW World Champion talked about the recent criticism hurled at the company. MJF admitted that the company has lost its footing in some areas, but they are now listening more than ever before to improve. He also dismissed those who want AEW to die.


I frankly think what we are doing now. We are bettering the product. I think we lost our footing at points, but I think that’s had to do with some crazy f*ck’in sh*t that went down. Let’s face it, some of it was out of our control. Also, some of it was in our control. So, I think it’s very important when we read criticism we take it as constructive. I mean when we can. There is a difference between, “I want AEW to die. Fed is better. LOL.” That kind of tweet. And, “I miss when AEW kind of had a more sports presentation.” Or, “I miss MJF chopping it up on the stick and f*ck’in bury people.”

There are constructive things though. I think now more than ever we are the listening company. We are trying to be the listening company. I think the reason there is so much criticism online, and I’m starting to see it lessen because we are starting to give people what they are asking for, but it’s because the fans hold me and the company to a higher standard. I take that with a lot of pride. There is a reason to expect greatness from me. It’s because I’ve given it to them before. I plan on giving it to them at Worlds End.”

Tony Khan compared AEW’s dwindling ratings to Monday Night RAW’s situation as well. Only time will tell whether 2024 will end up becoming AEW’s year and they will see a resurgence in a big way.

What do you think of what MJF said? Do you feel AEW has a lot of room for improvement? Let us know in the comments section below!

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