The reigning AEW world champion and top star MJF recently addressed the criticisms that have come his way during his title reign in an interview with

Known for his razor-sharp wit and confidence, MJF acknowledged that he understands the critiques he’s been receiving, recognizing that fans hold him to a higher standard based on his previous accomplishments in AEW.

He expressed his awareness of the heightened expectations, stating, “I think the reason that people criticize me more now than ever is because they hold me to a higher standard. Because they know what I’m capable of.”

MJF didn’t shy away from the challenges and criticisms but instead embraced them with a promise to remind everyone of his capabilities at the upcoming AEW event, World End, where he’ll be defending his championship against Samoa Joe. With a characteristic MJF confidence, he vowed to return to form and deliver a performance that would leave fans in awe, saying, “On December 30th, I’m going to remind people exactly what the f*ck I’m capable of, and I’m going to do it with a smile on my face.”


In addition to discussing the criticisms, MJF also touched upon his role in the film “The Iron Claw,” highlighting his small but noteworthy part in the movie, which has hit theaters.

It’s clear that MJF is not only focused on his wrestling career but is also making strides in other entertainment avenues. Fans can expect him to continue pushing boundaries both inside and outside the ring.

How do you think this self-awareness and determination will impact his upcoming match against Samoa Joe at AEW World End, and what are your expectations for the bout? Leave us a comment below.

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