As CM Punk gears up for his highly-anticipated in-ring return on December 26, where he will face Dominik Mysterio at Madison Square Garden in a live event, he took to Instagram stories to share a heartfelt message with his fans and the wrestling community.

Punk expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the unwavering support from his fans throughout his career. He also paid tribute to the legendary figures who paved the way for him in the wrestling world, emphasizing the profound impact they’ve had on his journey.

In his Instagram message, Punk wrote: “Grateful for all the fans who have carried me to my greatest moments. Thankful for the legends that paved the roads I travel. I wouldn’t be who I am without all of you. Thank you. ‘So goes the Garden, so goes the business.'”

These sentiments from Punk reflect the deep appreciation he holds for the wrestling industry and the fans who have been with him every step of the way. As he steps back into a WWE ring after an extended absence, his return promises to be a momentous occasion for both him and the wrestling world. Wrestling fans eagerly await his performance at Madison Square Garden, and Ringside News will be there to provide the results and updates following the event.


What are your expectations for CM Punk upcoming match against Dominik Mysterio at Madison Square Garden? Leave us a comment.

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