AEW started producing far more pay-per-views than usual toward the end of 2023. The fear was out there that AEW would start producing pay-per-views every month, although Tony Khan never confirmed that. Now, there is a belief that there could be a call for cheaper pay-per-views from the land of All Elite.

Worlds End will conclude 2023 for AEW, but Tony Khan’s company has even more in store for fans. We will have to see if they hit that monthly pay-per-view number, but there could be more than one pay-per-view in the same month, as we see with All In and All Out.

During his 2023 year-end wrap up podcast for 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed AEW’s current pay-per-view strategy. Easy E also theorized that AEW will see a drop-off in the number of buys they will see. That being said, monthly pay-per-view events will still bring in more money.

“I suspect some version, I don’t think they’ll be able to hold onto 100% of the pay-per-view audience they’ve relied on for years, simply because of math. It gets expensive. There are probably price points or thresholds that people are willing to get to. If I was advising or giving my opinion I’d expect a 15 to 20 percent drop over the year, maybe a little more just because of pricing, affordability. Who’s buying 12 of those a year? I don’t know? Maybe they’re loyal enough.”


If I were to put together something for a Board of Directors, I’d predict a decrease in pay-per-view purchases, but by adding more their bottom line will be way up … it’s all math. We can have our opinions, but it all comes down to math.”

We will have to see if AEW is able to keep their audience if they continue running monthly pay-per-view events. Now, it appears that they are carrying on, and they’re also capping off 2023 with their Worlds End pay-per-view on January 30th.

AEW has a dedicated audience of fans, who will likely keep buying their pay-per-view events. That being said, it can get expensive to fork over $50 a month, so Tony Khan may want to consider dropping that price point a bit as well.

You can check out Eric Bischoff’s take on AEW’s pay-per-view business in the space below. He starts talking about this at around the thirteen-minute marker of the over three-hour podcast.

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