The popular Netflix series “Wrestlers” offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the efforts of Al Snow and his business partner, Matt Jones, as they work to keep the legendary promotion OVW alive.

The show often depicts the two men clashing, particularly over financial matters, with Snow’s admitted struggles in handling money. One recurring point of contention is the cost of talent and which wrestlers they should bring in.

Recently, several former WWE stars, including Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, and Matt Riddle, became free agents, seeking new opportunities in the wrestling world.

During recent episode of “Rumor & Innuendo,” Matt Jones addressed whether OVW has plans to sign any of these recently available free agents. Jones emphasized the importance of bringing in talent who can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the product.


“I only want to bring somebody in now that I think can help the long-term sustainability of the product,” he began. “The announcements we’re going to be making are about people that are going to be here for a while. Like they’re not just going to be here overnight. You know, Mick Foley’s coming to the Rumble. He won’t be here every week, but I expect you’ll see him, you know, a handful of times on OVW; I don’t think it’s gonna be a one-time thing for us. At least that’s my hope.”

Jones mentioned that Mick Foley is scheduled to make appearances in OVW, noting that Foley, a longtime friend of Al Snow, lives in Nashville and will be doing commentary for an upcoming event, the Rumble, on January 6. Jones expressed hope that Foley’s involvement would extend beyond a one-time appearance.

“He (Mick) lives in Nashville,” Jones pointed out. “And he’s doing commentary for the Rumble. He’s gonna commentate the Rumble, so you’re gonna get to hear him. So we’re doing a rumble on January 6, which I hope people will watch. We’re gonna have a lot of special guests, and Mick is gonna be on the mic, which is where I think he’ll be the best. So, we’re looking forward to it.”

“Rumor & Innuendo” airs live Monday through Friday at Noon EST and is available on major podcast platforms for those interested in wrestling-related discussions and updates.

Would you like to see Mick Foley pick up this non-WWE role? Let us know in the comments.

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