AEW Star Red Velvet shared her thoughts on QT Marshall’s departure from the company during an interview with Elijah Burke on Pope’s Point of View.

QT Marshall had announced his resignation from AEW on November 27, indicating that he made the decision and would be free to work elsewhere starting in January.

In her response, Red Velvet expressed respect for QT Marshall’s decision and acknowledged the value he brought to AEW talent. She described him as a significant figure in her journey within AEW and someone who had a positive impact on her career.

Red Velvet recounted her initial interactions with QT Marshall when she was an extra in AEW and highlighted his role in developing her character and storylines. She also mentioned Marshall’s philosophy of providing opportunities to talent and allowing them to determine their success.


“Him leaving AEW is a loss for us talent. At the same time, we have to be respectful of people’s decisions and, ultimately what they choose is best for them. I still think it’s a loss. He has a great mind. He’s one of the first people, in my journey in AEW. He was my first point of contact and the day I got signed, he said to me, ‘Time to leave the nest. I’m no longer in charge of you. You’re a full-time talent here.’

Despite his departure from AEW, Red Velvet expressed her belief that she could still seek advice and guidance from QT Marshall if needed, and she wished him the best in his future endeavors.

“I messaged him separately when he announced his resignation and thanked him because I truly could not have done it without him. He was always very honest with me. He was always somebody very honest. Some people are like, ‘QT is kind of mean.’ No. Whatever he says to your face, is really what he says about you. I have to respect that. He is real all the way. Always kept it 100 with me, always told me where I could improve and was a big part of that big story that helped develop my character.”

“One thing that stuck with me is, I thanked him the first time I was there as an extra. He said, ‘I’m not here to tell anyone yes or no. I’m here to give anyone an opportunity and it’s up to you to make the most of it.’ The fact that he said that, that it wasn’t about ‘You fit the part.’ It was giving anyone the opportunity and let them have that control of how they get the job or not. He will be missed. He’s thankfully someone I can easily talk to. Even though he won’t be in the same company, I know I can always contact him if I need help and advice. I wish him the best.”

The interview also touched on Red Velvet’s knee injury, which had sidelined her for a significant portion of 2023, providing insights into her recovery and experiences during that time.

How do you view the impact of QT Marshall had on AEW talent? Do you think this is a big loss for the company? Leave us a comment below.

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