Becky Lynch has her sights set on Rhea Ripley and the WWE Women’s World Championship. Despite the passing interactions between Lynch and Ripley on WWE television, they haven’t had a proper one-on-one match yet. In a recent interview on Strutting From Gorilla, Becky Lynch discussed her plans for the division.

Lynch mentioned that her immediate focus is on her upcoming match with Nia Jax, which is set to take place on the January 1 episode of WWE Raw. However, she made it clear that her ultimate goal is to reclaim the WWE Women’s World Championship from Rhea Ripley.

According to Lynch, when she holds the title, it becomes the main event of every show, and she’s determined to ensure that it is showcased as the centerpiece of WWE events. She expressed her frustration with Ripley being more of an accompaniment to main events rather than an active title defender and declared her intention to change that.

“There are so many talented up and comers. One match that we haven’t gotten to yet, numero uno on the docket is I’ve got to shut up Nia Jax, first. We haven’t had that match, which is unbelievable to think that Nia Jax and I haven’t gone one-on-one in a WWE ring, but it’s true. Then, there is the next stop, which is taking the title off Rhea Ripley. That title, when I hold that title, that title is the main event of every show. Her title has been seen in many main events, but not because she’s been defending it, no, just because she’s being the accompaniment to the main event. I can’t have that. I’m sick of that. I’m sick of that and I’m going to take that title back off her, preferably at WrestleMania.”


Becky Lynch’s desire to face Rhea Ripley and challenge for the championship suggests an exciting storyline to watch out for in WWE’s women’s division. The path to WrestleMania could hold some intriguing developments in this rivalry.

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