Mercedes Mone is used to making a lot of noise, but it appears she is now without a pro wrestling home. This caused the pro wrestling rumor mill to churn in a big way, because it’s anyone’s guess what the former Sasha Banks will do next.

We previously reported that AEW no longer has a working plan to bring in Mercedes Mone. At this point, with the Royal Rumble coming up, it’s anyone’s guess where she will appear next.

There have been some confusing and contradictory reports about Mercedes Mone’s contract status. Now, Sean Sapp has reported behind Fightful’s paywall to confirm that Mercedes Mone is not under any sort of contract with NJPW.

Speaking of NJPW, Mercedes Mone is not currently signed to the company, contrary to a recent Sportskeeda post that said she was. Also, not true from that post – Fightful never reported that Mercedes “demanded” a huge sum of money from WWE. This made its way around non-reputable Facebook aggregators, which we corrected numerous times on our own page. We’ve not reported on any active talks between the two sides, only spoke about our opinions on the matter. As of December 18, we’ve not been informed of any talks. We have heard that WWE is planning on renewing talks with multiple free agents after the new year, though we haven’t been told that she is among them.


Last week, a rumor surfaced on Twitter, but subsequent information revealed its inaccuracy. Tweets suggesting that the WWE creative team had received directives to generate ideas for Mercedes’ return to WWE gained momentum. Nevertheless, according to sources close to creative, no one has been instructed to prepare for such a return, whether it is planned or not. Similar to CM Punk’s return, creative wasn’t given prior notice, although such information is typically provided for most others.

While WWE has previously expressed interest in bringing Mercedes back, this is not a recent development. Despite reports indicating a lack of awareness regarding AEW plans, some online reactions hastily inferred that WWE is orchestrating her immediate return. However, no such information has been brought to their attention either.

We will have to see what happens in the future with Mercedes Mone. Anything is possible at this point, because it appears that Mercedes Mone is not under any sort of contract right now.

What’s your take on Mercedes Mone’s current contract status? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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