Music star Jelly Roll had a taste of the WWE action on the November 27 episode of WWE Raw, and he’s now spilling the beans on his love for wrestling and how this thrilling appearance came to be.

In a chat on Popcast, Jelly Roll revealed his passion for wrestling, saying, “We went to the wrestling at the fair. Jeff Jarrett was a Nashville guy. We were always cheering for that stuff. I just love it. I always took from the playbook. I love their approach. It’s entertainment. It’s the last of real old-school fun entertainment. It’s awesome. It’s pure.”

It seems Jelly Roll’s connection with WWE music head Neil Lawi opened the door to this wrestling adventure. Neil Lawi gave him a shot at creating the SummerSlam theme a couple of years back, and they kept in touch. When the opportunity to get involved in the action presented itself, Jelly Roll was all in.

WWE asked him to do a promo backstage about being part of the show, which led to the return of R-Truth, a momentous occasion for Jelly Roll who is a big fan of the WWE superstar.


“Neil Lawi, head of WWE music, gave me a chance to do the SummerSlam theme a couple years ago. He just kept in touch and he said, ‘If you ever get time, just come out, we’ll write you into something. It’ll be fun.’ I was like, ‘I’d love to get involved in a little scuffle here and there.’ They called me and said they wanted me to come backstage and do a promo about being here, which is what I did, which brought R-Truth back, which was big for me because I love Truth. When he left for surgery, I was sad because I love everything he brings to wrestling and I love his music. I was like, ‘This is big, getting to do this with Truth.’ 

Jelly Roll also got to lend a helping hand to another WWE legend, Randy Orton, during his match against Dominik Mysterio. Jelly Roll shared his excitement.

“The Randy Orton stuff was just cool. I’m a Randy Orton fan, so when I got to get in the mix and back my dude, Randy Orton is the reason I went. I knew CM Punk was going to be there, I didn’t know R-Truth was coming back until they told me that day. I knew CM Punk was talking for the first time, and I knew Randy Orton was back on a match, and I was like, ‘Let’s go!’ I got to back Randy in the match, and it was even cooler.”

In the heat of the moment, Jelly Roll even got physical, shoving JD McDonagh when he confronted him during the Orton vs. Mysterio match. It’s safe to say that Jelly Roll had an unforgettable WWE experience, and fans can’t wait to see if he’ll make another appearance in the squared circle in the future.

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