WWE’s been serving up some sizzling storylines lately, and one has been brewing up a storm!

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov finds himself right in the middle of a juicy angle after Carmelo Hayes dropped some serious accusations on Tuesday night.

Remember the backstage ambush of Trick Williams on NXT TV a couple of months back? The plot thickened when fingers started pointing at someone close to him as the attacker. But guess what? Lexis King got the spotlight, and Carmelo Hayes believed he was the man behind the sneak attack.

So, Hayes and King squared off at NXT Deadline, and guess who came out on top? The A-Champion himself, Carmelo Hayes, sealing the deal with a win over the heel. Right after the match, King spilled the beans – he wasn’t the attacker after all.


Fast forward to the latest edition of NXT, where things got hotter than a summer heatwave. Ilja Dragunov was in the spotlight, all set to face off against his next challenger, Trick Williams. But Melo wasn’t having any of it. He barged in on their showdown and dropped a bombshell accusation, claiming Dragunov had attacked him and Williams.

Dragunov, didn’t take too kindly to the accusations. During the segment, he put his foot down, rejecting Melo’s claims right then and there. But the drama didn’t stop there. Dragunov took to Twitter, and with just one word, he summed it all up: “seriously?”

As if that weren’t enough, Carmelo Hayes took things to a whole new level. In a shocking turn of events, he accidentally blasted Trick Williams with the NXT Championship during the final moments of the segment. But here’s the kicker: he later hit up social media to claim he had no reason to lie and even went as far as starting Justice for Melo campaign!

Stay tuned, folks, because the WWE drama train is full steam ahead, and you know Ringside News will be right there to bring you all the twists and turns!

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