Randy Orton can be easily regarded as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of this generation. He has won many accolades during his tenure in the company and has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career.

During his 20-year-long WWE career, Orton has been part of many memorable moments. However, there was one moment that took the WWE Universe by surprise. After being the number one heel on television for several years, Orton was the top babyface in 2011 and he was the World Heavyweight Champion.

During this time, he had a match with one of the biggest heels in the company, Mark Henry. After hitting Henry with an RKO, Orton did something surprising – he jumped up and touched his toes.

The Viper reflected on his 20+ year career in the WWE in a video on social media where he recalled the infamous incident stating that he was trying to release some adrenaline and anger.


“The infamous toe touch. If I may, was a hell of a toe touch. Quite the athlete. That toe touch was not me celebrating. I wanted to rage on my opponent, but because my opponent was Mark Henry, I couldn’t get angry at Mark Henry. I had to get that adrenaline and anger out in some other ways. So for some reason, I chose to jump up and touch my feet. I don’t know why,” he said.

Randy Orton recently returned from serious injury at Survivor Series and has looked better than ever. He has even continued his feud with the Bloodline who were responsible for putting him on the shelf over a year ago.

What did you make of this strange Randy Orton celebration? Do you think it was a bit too over the top? Sound off in the comments section.

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