Billy Gunn has remained a strong performer in the ring despite hitting 60. He is one of the oldest pro wrestlers on the AEW roster and the oldest AEW champion. Gunn recently opened up about who he would want to face in the ring for his retirement match.

While speaking to A2TheK, he opened up about his terms for retirement. He referenced his match against the House of Black and how he faced defeat alongside The Acclaimed. The AEW star said that he would like to retire on a winning note.

Would I like to retire? Yes. Would I ever get away from wrestling? Not a chance. There is no way. I feel I still have too much to offer in a sense of helping, maybe not so much in the ring. That kind of got my head spinning a little bit when I get ran through (by House of Black), but I got to thinking, ‘I’m not letting people run through me like that. I have to come back. I’m not leaving on that note,’ even though I tried to. [Austin & Colten] weren’t having it.

Gunn named Will Ospreay as the opponent he would like to battle in his retirement match. He also offered words of praise, saying that Ospreay does “some really cool stuff” that has never been part of his approach in the ring. He concluded by saying that he doesn’t want to fight Austin and Colten in his retirement match.


They weren’t having that retirement yet and that’s not how I’m going to retire. [Austin & Colten] say I have to wrestle them, that’s my retirement match. I tell them Will Ospreay is my retirement match. They get so mad about that. I love Will, there is something about him, and he does some really cool stuff that I’ve never done that I just want to take. That’s when I tell them all time, ‘I’m not wrestling you two for my retirement, I’m wrestling Will Ospreay.

Ospreay is currently signed to AEW but will be making a full appearance in January after finishing all his commitments with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Elsewhere in the interview, Gunn also commented on how he can perform in the ring at the age of 60.

Do you think Will Ospreay vs. Billy Gunn is an ideal retirement match for the pro wrestling legend? Share your thoughts below.

Nitish Vashishtha

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