Becky Lynch’s hard work in WWE has paid off in many ways, as she is a multi-time women’s champion. Lynch has proved just how good she really is, but that didn’t translate to a good performance during her recent ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ appearance as she made an unfortunate record at the show. That said, Lynch also forbade Seth Rollins from watching that particular episode.

In case you forgot, Becky Lynch is the first contestant to never give a single correct answer through 60 clues in the history of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy.’ That said, her appearance led to the season’s highest viewership.

While speaking with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Seth Rollins was asked about his wife’s Jeopardy appearance. Rollins defended his wife, stating that she never grew up watching the show. He also revealed that Lynch banned him from watching the episode, so he never will.

She never watched it. She’s from Ireland. She didn’t have Jeopardy growing up. I don’t think she fully grasps it. When we were younger especially, it’s just massive. Our parents, grandparents everybody watched it. The buzzer’s tricky, the way you have to answer the questions is tricky.


But hey! top rated episode of season. The repeat actually did more viewers, we found out yesterday, than the original airing of the episode. So the buzz that she got, Celebrity Jeopardy people gotta be thrilled.

I didn’t watch the episode. She wouldn’t allow me to watch the episode. She said ‘You can’t watch the episode. No way. Can’t do it. Don’t watch it.’ [So] I didn’t do it. I’m a loyal man. I wouldn’t do that to her. If she didn’t want me to watch something. I wouldn’t watch it.”

The Man even owned up to her poor performance at the show during recent WWE live event. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Big Time Becks as fans want her to do something significant now.

What’s your view on what Seth Rollins said? Do you want Becky Lynch to appear on the show again? Let us know in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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