When it comes to maintaining a clean and respectful online environment, Bryan Danielson stands as a pivotal figure responsible for upholding the standards. A recent report from Fightful Select shed light on Danielson’s significant role as the face of AEW’s disciplinary committee, where he takes the lead in imposing fines as deemed necessary. This revelation gained substantial attention during the latest episode of Hump, prompting Fightful to delve further into the matter.

Despite his reputation for keeping a low profile on social media, with the exception of Tout, Danielson has been actively involved in addressing issues related to social media conduct in recent weeks. The focus primarily revolves around ensuring that AEW maintains its professional image as a company, even encompassing actions as seemingly minor as retweets and likes. It’s worth noting that such fines do not appear to be a commonplace occurrence.

Danielson’s stature as a locker room leader has been well-established, evident in his role as a prominent figure during meetings that followed AEW All In this year. During these gatherings, he provided insights into the termination of CM Punk, shedding light on the decision-making process.

Moreover, earlier in the year, Danielson addressed the conduct expected during interviews, demonstrating his commitment to fostering professionalism within the AEW talent pool. Similar discussions took place during talent meetings the previous year following the Brawl Out incident.


In essence, Bryan Danielson is not one to tolerate inappropriate behavior on social media platforms. So, it’s advisable not to let your digital alter ego run wild in his domain.

In more uplifting news concerning Bryan Danielson, Fightful also reports that AEW officials have expressed their enthusiasm for the Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia matchup.

One AEW official went as far as describing it as “Real F*ckin Graps,” showcasing the excitement surrounding this match.

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