CM Punk’s latest appearance on Friday Night SmackDown added an exciting twist to his WWE return story. Following his remarks about feeling “at home” on Monday Night Raw, fans were left wondering about his next move, especially after the recent bidding war involving Randy Orton.

However, WWE spoiled the suspense by revealing through a commercial that Punk won’t make his decision regarding his signing until his return to Raw next week.

During his appearance on SmackDown, CM Punk engaged with the fans and made it clear that he wanted their input. He asked the audience if they preferred him to sign with Raw, and the response was a chorus of boos. On the other hand, when he inquired about signing with SmackDown, the crowd erupted in cheers. The most thunderous ovation came when Punk proposed the idea of winning the Royal Rumble, pointing at the WrestleMania sign and headlining the grand event.

Punk dropped several hints about potential feuds and collaborations on the blue brand. He mentioned his history with Roman Reigns, referencing himself as the original “Paul Heyman Guy.” He also teased a possible storyline with Kevin Owens, making light of Owens’ penchant for punching fellow wrestlers backstage in AEW.


Punk couldn’t resist taking a few jabs at Seth Rollins, who has been vocal about Punk’s return to WWE. He quipped that Rollins isn’t even “The Man” in his own household and suggested that he could stick to singing his entrance song because that might be all he has left.

In a final twist, Punk announced that the fans would discover his decision next Monday night on Raw in Cleveland. However, his fiery comments about Rollins strongly suggest that their rivalry is far from over. Wrestling fans are now eagerly awaiting next week’s Raw to see how this captivating storyline unfolds.

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