WWE has officially welcomed a fresh face to its roster, making a significant change to its lineup on December 7th.

Just days earlier, former NXT interviewer, McKenzie Mitchell, bid farewell to the WWE on December 1st, leaving both fans and industry insiders taken aback by the unexpected move. Shawn Michael’s even commented on the termination during today’s NXT Deadline media call and revealed that he was caught off guard on the decision to cut McKenzie.

Stepping into the spotlight on this week’s show was none other than NXT Level Up’s very own interviewer, Kelly Kincaid. It appears that Kelly is poised to assume this role on a permanent basis in the foreseeable future.

WWE has signaled their affirmation of Kelly’s new position, solidifying her place on the company’s roster page on WWE.com. Her profile on the page boasts:


“If you need a hard-hitting question asked, Kelly Kincaid is the one to do it.”

“With a background as a competitor in the ring, Kincaid is uniquely qualified to get to the bottom of any and everything when it comes to NXT.”

‘Kincaid also shows off her versatility on a weekly basis as she serves as the ring announcer on NXT Level Up.”

This addition to WWE’s roster promises an exciting new era with Kelly Kincaid’s talents at the forefront of the company’s entertainment lineup.

How do you think Kelly Kincaid’s transition from being a competitor in the ring to an interviewer and ring announcer will impact her career and the overall NXT programming? Leave us a comment.

Steve Carrier

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