In a twist that Shakespeare himself might appreciate, the WWE is facing a “Yeet” dilemma that has fans buzzing. During this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW, Jey Uso bid farewell to his beloved “Yeet” catchphrase, and the reason behind it is quite the plot twist.

It all started when reports surfaced that WWE was ditching the use of “Yeet” due to some sticky trademark issues. According to a tweet from @WrestleVotes, the revelation came as no surprise: “As evident on RAW just now, I’m told WWE has found trademark issues with Jey Uso’s ‘Yeet.’ The word & merchandising will no longer be associated with Uso going forward.”

Despite WWE’s decision to erase “Yeet” from Jey’s vocabulary and no longer feature the “Yeet” shirt in his ring attire, the shirt is still lurking in the shadows on WWE Shop and even popping up on social media. It’s currently listed as “out of stock,” but it hasn’t been wiped from the store entirely.

So, what’s the trademark tangle all about? Well, turns out the term “Yeet” already had a boss, and his name is Kasey Huffman, an independent pro wrestler hailing from West Virginia. Huffman has held the trademark rights to “Yeet” since 2021, and WWE is now feeling the heat.


When dug deeper into the “Yeet” trademark issue, WWE sources told the publication that, “there is a legal claim against Yeet. WWE Lawyers are discussing it.”

“I asked sources within WWE about the situation surrounding the Yeet trademark and whether the company had completely abandoned the catchphrase and merchandise, and was told that “There is a legal claim against Yeet. WWE Lawyers are discussing it.” So, there may be hope yet for Yeet to stick around, as WWE hasn’t completely abandoned it, but has more or less suspended the usage while WWE Lawyers discuss all of the company’s options,” Cassidy Haynes reported.

So, it seems there’s a glimmer of hope that “Yeet” might make a comeback, as WWE hasn’t completely thrown it out the ring but has put it on a hiatus while their legal eagles work their magic.

Stay tuned to Ringside News, folks! We’ll keep you in the loop on WWE’s trademark tussle over Jey Uso’s beloved “Yeet” catchphrase and what lies ahead for this superstar.

What are your thoughts on the WWE’s trademark issues surrounding Jey Uso’s “Yeet” catchphrase? Do you think it will ultimately make a comeback? Leave a comment.

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