When it comes to the art of selling, Matt Cardona is undoubtedly the reigning champion of wrestling. Since his WWE release in 2020, he’s taken the independent scene by storm, and not just in the ring. His merchandise game is off the charts!

In the ring, Cardona has made his mark in promotions like GCW, AIW, and House Of Glory, winning over legions of fans along the way. But it’s his entrepreneurial spirit that has everyone talking. The man can seemingly sell anything, and he’s out to prove it.

Taking to social media on fine December day, Cardona dropped a bombshell announcement: he’s selling an autographed bottle of water on his website, and it’s yours for just $24.99! What’s more, if you’re in the USA, he’s throwing in free shipping.

Yes, you read that right – an autographed bottle of water. It might not be another black t-shirt, but it’s definitely another level of marketing genius. Hats off to Cardona for turning hydration into a collector’s dream.


As the wrestling world watches in awe, Ringside News will keep you in the loop if a lucky fan decides to quench their thirst for this exclusive piece of Cardona merchandise.

And speaking of action in the ring, don’t forget that Cardona is gearing up for a showdown with Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at the ‘One Shot’ event on December 7. The man is on fire both inside and outside the squared circle.

What are your thoughts on Matt Cardona’s unique approach to merchandise and marketing, such as selling autographed bottles of water? Leave us a comment.

Steve Carrier

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