Jey Uso has taken a moment to extend an apology to a fellow WWE RAW star for his past actions.

In the recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, the 38-year-old wrestler addressed his previous involvement with The Bloodline and expressed remorse to Drew McIntyre.

Uso acknowledged the history between them, including McIntyre’s past grievances, and encouraged him to move on from the animosity.

“Hey, look, man. I’m sorry, Uce. Alright? I apologize, man. You’ve got to let that go. Don’t carry that anger with you all the time. Back in the day, we did some regrettable things to you, Drew. I cost you the World Championship, and we beat you down multiple times.


Honestly, Uce, I was just following orders. I was mad too at the time, but you’ve got to release that anger, man. Let it go, I promise you. Your heart will feel lighter. So, I’m saying it now, I’m sorry, Drew!” Jey Uso conveyed sincerely.

What are your thoughts on Jey Uso’s apology to Drew McIntyre, and do you believe this could lead to a change in their relationship within WWE? Leave us a comment below.

Steve Carrier

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