Bryan Danielson is nearing the end of his full-time wrestling career, but he’s not counting out a future in the ring, even when he’s pushing 74!

As we previously spilled the beans, Bryan Danielson is currently in the midst of his farewell tour as full-time wrestler. He made a triumphant return to the squared circle on the December 2 episode of AEW Collision and is currently tearing it up in the AEW Continental Classic.

During an exclusive chat with Maggie & Perloff, the legendary Ric Flair made an appearance in the conversation, prompting the big question: Could Bryan Danielson see himself performing in the ring at the ripe age of 74?

With a mischievous glint in his eye, Bryan Danielson responded, “I could totally see myself out there. When I say this is my last year as a full-time wrestler, I don’t mean I’ll ever truly hang up my boots. I think Ric Flair shares the same sentiment. It’s an absolutely incredible experience every time you step into that ring.


“I’m getting to a point where I realize my body’s taking a beating, and I can’t maintain that full-time pace like I used to. But I’ll always yearn to be out there occasionally and just do what I love. Wrestling is one of my life’s biggest passions; it’s what keeps me alive. So yeah, you might catch me at 74, still throwing down in that ring, like ‘Come on!’ winks and laughs.”

Exciting news for fans – Bryan Danielson is set to grace our screens once again on the December 9 episode of AEW Collision. Be sure to stay glued to Ringside News for all the electrifying coverage as it goes down this Saturday night!

What are your thoughts on wrestlers continuing to perform in the ring well into their senior years? Leave us a comment.

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