After a lengthy absence due to a legitimate knee injury, NXT fans will soon see the return of Nikkita Lyons to the ring. The injury angle was initiated back in January, following a torn ACL, which kept her sidelined for the entire year.

Lyons made a surprise appearance last week when she was spotted in the crowd at the Performance Center. Commentary noted that she would be making her return ‘soon,’ and it appears that ‘soon’ is right around the corner.

During her absence, Lyons was one of several Superstars targeted by a mysterious attacker, later revealed to be Blair Davenport. Now, as Lyons prepares to step back into the NXT ring, it seems she has a feud with Blair Davenport waiting for her.

The NXT Universe can anticipate the return of Nikkita Lyons as she seeks to make a strong comeback and potentially settle her score with Blair Davenport. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments on NXT!


How do you think Nikkita Lyons will fare in her return to NXT, and what are your expectations for her feud with Blair Davenport? Leave us a comment below.

Steve Carrier

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