In a recent revelation that has wrestling fans buzzing, WWE’s latest report is packed with juicy details, from merchandising milestones to financial triumphs. Here’s the inside scoop, brought to you by Fightful Select.

Raw Rocks Albany with Record-Breaking Success

WWE’s Raw event in Albany, New York, just etched its name into the history books. According to internal live events reports, the show has officially become the highest-grossing WWE event ever held in the local market. Fans in Albany turned out in droves, making this a landmark moment for WWE in the region.

Cody Rhodes Merchandise Sales Break Records in Chicago

But that’s not all – another WWE sensation is making waves with his merchandise sales. Cody Rhodes, the charismatic superstar, reportedly set the stage on fire not just with his in-ring skills but also with his merchandise sales during an event in Chicago. Whispers from within WWE have claimed that Rhodes’ merch sales at the Chicago event might have shattered all previous records in the company’s long and illustrious history.

We couldn’t resist digging deeper into this claim, so we reached out to WWE for confirmation. Surprisingly, the wrestling behemoth neither confirmed nor denied the jaw-dropping reports. With speculation running wild, one can’t help but wonder if Rhodes has truly reached unprecedented heights in the world of WWE merchandise.


It’s clear that WWE is on a roll, breaking records left and right, and the excitement in the wrestling world is palpable. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates as the WWE continues to make history!

What are your thoughts on WWE’s recent record-breaking success in Albany and Cody Rhodes’ reported merchandise sales achievement in Chicago? Do you think these milestones are indicative of WWE’s continued popularity and success, or are there other factors at play? Leave us a comment.

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