In recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, AEW star Chris Jericho opened up about his perspective on the WWE Hall of Fame and why he’s not particularly interested in being inducted into it. Jericho’s comments shed light on his unique approach to his wrestling legacy and his willingness to go against the grain.

Jericho expressed his inclination to go against the conventional grain when it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame, drawing inspiration from rock and roll rebel Axl Rose, who famously declined to attend and even forbade the use of his name at his own induction.

“I always like going against the grain,” Jericho remarked. “Like I loved it when Axl Rose didn’t show up to the Hall of Fame and sent a note saying not only am I not showing up, but you’re not allowed to say my name. I love that sht. Like, that’s fcking rock and roll, man.”

Jericho then delved into his skepticism regarding the WWE Hall of Fame itself, questioning the concept and its significance. He emphasized that there isn’t a tangible physical Hall of Fame and that it’s a construct within WWE’s own perception. In his eyes, the idea of a Hall of Fame is somewhat elusive, and he doesn’t see the practical benefit of it for his career at this point.


“I don’t really understand the point of a Hall of Fame,” Jericho explained. “If you think I’m in it, that’s great, there’s no real Hall of Fame. It’s all kind of in WWE’s mind in their chambers of the mind.”

Furthermore, Jericho expressed his reservations about the limitations of a Hall of Fame induction speech, where in a brief five minutes, a wrestler is expected to encapsulate decades of their career. He referenced previous Hall of Fame speeches, contrasting the lengthy ones with shorter ones and his reluctance to follow that template.

Jericho made it clear that his disinterest in a Hall of Fame induction is not a disrespectful stance but rather a personal choice aligned with his inclination to do things differently.

In this interview, Chris Jericho’s candid perspective offers a glimpse into his unconventional approach to his wrestling legacy and his willingness to carve his own path in the industry.

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