KENTA is one of the most well-known Japanese pro wrestlers in recent memory. He is no longer part of WWE and has been doing quite well for himself in NJPW and other promotions. He also has beef with CM Punk and never fails to troll him. IN fact, KENTA trolled CM Punk by copying his RAW return promo during a recent event.

CM Punk and KENTA know each other very well by now. CM Punk has openly admitted he stole the idea of the GTS finisher from KENTA as far back as 2012. Naturally, KENTA still has a lot of issues with Punk and it is unlikely to end anytime soon.

Various things took place during last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, as new storylines were being built up. CM Punk also closed out the show with his first WWE promo in almost 10 years, where he spoke his mind to mixed reception. This included CM Punk stating that he was ‘home’ after returning to WWE after almost a decade.

KENTA recently took to Twitter and made it clear he was going to copy CM Punk’s RAW promo from last week. He did exactly did during West Coast Pro’s Monster event, where KENTA declared that he was home.


I just wanna say one thing – I’m home.”

KENTA never fails to go after CM Punk as he made his life’s mission whenever possible. Regardless, The Second City Saint is back in WWE for good and fans are mostly happy about that fact now.

What’s your view on what KENTA did? Do you still want CM Punk vs KENTA one day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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