WWE is going through a big time for their business. Not only are viewership numbers up, but profits are also souring. Now, we have a better idea just how much better they are going to do with their new WWE RAW deal.

WWE is in the middle of television rights talks. They have already stated that The USA Network is getting SmackDown, and NXT is moving to The CW, in October 2024. Although WWE RAW’s new broadcasting agreement hasn’t been revealed yet, it is still expected to be a blockbuster agreement.

F4Wonline reports that stock analysts have offered insights into the potential value of WWE RAW television rights. They anticipate that the upcoming deal could be valued at around $387 million annually, a notable increase compared to the previous agreement valued at $265 million. This projected amount, while slightly below the original valuation of $398 million, holds the promise of significantly boosting the company’s profitability.

The analysts’ predictions indicate an upward trend, suggesting that the current valuation of $265 million may be undervalued when compared to the expected $387 million for the new deal. This anticipated increase in the rights’ value would translate to substantial gains for WWE.


To put it into perspective, the current cost per episode for WWE Raw stands at approximately 5,096,153, while the projected cost for the new deal would be approximately 7,442,307.69 per episode. These forecasts indicate the potential financial benefits that WWE could reap from its Raw television rights agreement.

WWE stands to make a lot of money with their new television deals. The short version of this story is that the company has made one good business decision after another, and if you add in the fact that they are seeing a booming period in terms of interest, it is creating a perfect storm for big profits.

We will keep our eyes on this story, and so many more, right here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, especially when WWE’s business is the subject of the conversation.

What’s your take on WWE’s current financial situation as they head out of 2023? Let us know what you think is the biggest contributing factor to their success in the comments section!

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