WWE provides opportunities for their talent, but the company isn’t for everyone. Now, one former Performance Center trainee has opened up about some of the scary things she went through that convinced her that the company wasn’t for her.

Giovanna Eburneo, known as Ghi Eburneo, joined WWE in 2022 as part of the August 2022 recruiting class, making a couple of NXT appearances in December 2022. In a recent YouTube video, Eburneo disclosed that she is no longer with WWE and provided an explanation for her departure.

Eburneo had initially tried out with WWE in 2017 during a tryout in Chile. Although she didn’t fully grasp the tryout process at the time, she was informed that “her time would come” despite not making the cut. Then, at the beginning of the pandemic, she received another tryout opportunity. This time, she felt more comfortable during the promo tryout and was later informed that she had been selected to join WWE.

Upon signing her contract, Giovanna Eburneo arrived in Orlando, but things took a turn for the worse. She encountered a traumatic experience during a mall shooting, which left her and others terrified. The language barrier made it difficult to communicate with those around her, adding to her distress. As she attempted to settle in Orlando, she found living expenses to be high, and her dream of prosperity in Brazil began to fade.


Difficulties arose when Giovanna Eburneo had to drive to shows, as she felt unsafe doing so alone. Attempts to make friends were hindered by language barriers, and she faced jealousy from others due to her quick rise to television. She lamented the lack of support and solidarity within the company.

Giovanna Eburneo’s situation deteriorated further as she began experiencing panic and anxiety. In December 2022, she had a frightening incident during training, which prompted her to seek medical attention. WWE claimed she had a concussion, but medical exams showed nothing unusual. Although her condition briefly improved, she later experienced fatigue, loss of interest in training, and peculiar changes in her perception, such as water tasting different.

Concerned about her well-being, she wanted to return to Brazil but was initially denied due to her recent arrival in the United States. She grew increasingly distressed and suspicious, believing someone might be drugging her or entering her apartment. She even discovered an unknown AirTag tracker in her suitcase, which further fueled her anxiety.

Eventually, Giovanna Eburneo decided not to return to WWE and notified the company. She returned to Brazil and filed a police report in Orlando regarding the AirTag incident. WWE made several offers for her to return, but she declined, prioritizing her safety and well-being.

Despite her departure, Giovanna Eburneo expressed gratitude to her fans for their support and lamented not being able to fulfill her wrestling dreams. She concluded that her decision was a matter of personal safety and thanked everyone for their understanding.

We will have to see what is next for her. She has a lot of potential, but WWE was not the lifestyle for her. Keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News for more on this story and so many more in the pro wrestling world.

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