Update: Rhea Ripley commented on this story to say, “I know my fans… You’re welcome.”

Original: Rhea Ripley has ton of fans, and some of them border on obsessed. We’re not sure who threw down over $550 for a piece of paper that she licked, but that certainly happened.

During a recent live stream with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Tyler Breeze, they were running a little auction. This is when Rhea Ripley had a great idea to lick a piece of paper and sell it.

That paper, where Rhea Ripley licked a portion of the paper marked “I LICKED HERE,” was put up for auction. Then it sold for $580.


This is pretty funny, but it’s not outside the norm for female WWE Superstars. WWE trading cards have featured “Kiss Cards” in the past, little pieces of cardboard with lipstick prints from that same WWE Diva. Natalya proved in the past that those cards were legit, too. Rhea Ripley just took things to that next level with her licked version.

This just goes to show that Mami does always come out on top, a phrase that Rhea Ripley actually penned on the top of that paper that she licked. It is quite a unique piece of memorabilia, but we also have to wonder what this fan will do with his new trophy.

You can check out the video below. We will have to see if Rhea Ripley sells more of her saliva on paper, but this was certainly an attention-grabbing moment.

What’s your take on Rhea Ripley selling her licked paper like this? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

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