Jackie Gayda spent some time in WWE, as a breakout star of Tough Enough. Nowadays, she isn’t taking bookings to wrestle, but she still has some pieces of memorabilia around.

Jackie Gayda hasn’t been in the pro wrestling spotlight very often in recent memory. She is certainly popping up in the conversation now, after she listed some things on eBay.

A new listing has popped up on eBay that was quite interesting. Ring-worn Jackie Gayda schoolgirl skirts are up for grabs, along with some bras. These are not cheap, as the listing shows that she wants $400. The description on the item also provided context, although she stated in the video attached to the post that she has no idea when those skirts were worn, as she suggested that fans “do your homework.”

This is a one-of-a-kind Miss Jackie Gayda autographed ring worn skirt, worn during her time in WWE. The skirt is a special piece of memorabilia for fans of wrestling, especially those who followed Miss Jackie and her partner Charlie Haas during their time in the ring.


The signature is authentic and includes an inscription of ‘WWE ring worn’ to this unique item. The skirt alone is a great addition to any wrestling collection, but with the autograph, it becomes a true treasure. This is a Velcro dress which comes directly from Jackie Gayda! The listing includes a video she did for me where she talks about the dress, and it’s origin. This listing is for just the dress. The photo of her wearing it, photo of her signing it, and video can be sent but only DIGITALLY AND BY REQUEST.

Jackie Gayda, who was performing as Jackie Haas, last competed in the ring in 2011. Odds are, she doesn’t need those schoolgirl skirts. They are now going to go to a fan who is willing to drop $400 for that piece of WWE history.

Jackie appeared in a video for this listing, and she didn’t seem to be the girl everyone used to know. She also had no real idea when she wore the gear, but she said one did make a television appearance, while the other was “house show-ish.”

The former WWE Diva also had bras around her arms. Those are also for sale on a different listing for around $300 each.

Some fans who have seen this video commented on how out of sorts she seemed. There could be some concern about Jackie Gayda right now, because she certainly isn’t the same blonde that fans used to know, something she called out in the video. We’re hoping that she is doing fine, but she doesn’t have a very strong social media presence.

You can check out the video below to see what we’re talking about. This listing is gaining a lot of attention, but it doesn’t appear that the item in question is the real drawing point.

What’s your take on Jackie Gayda’s video? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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