Plenty of WWE Superstars have tattoos, and some of them have used that ink as part of their personas. Damian Priest has a ton of ink on his body, but one piece fans won’t see now honored The Undertaker.

Damian Priest recently discussed a decision he made regarding a tattoo tribute to the Undertaker. Before rising to prominence in WWE as a member of the Judgment Day faction, Priest spent several years wrestling on the independent circuit. During this period, he looked up to wrestling legends, including the Hall of Famer known as the Undertaker.

In a conversation on WWE Tattooed, Damian Priest revealed that he used to have a tattoo paying homage to the Deadman. However, he opted to cover it up while competing in the independent wrestling scene. This decision may have been influenced by his desire to establish his own identity as a wrestler, distinct from his admiration for the Undertaker and the legacy associated with the character.

I don’t have any regrets… and I say that because any of the regrets, I’ve covered. Going back to the same person, I’m not obsessed I promise, but the Undertaker, I actually did get his symbol tattooed in this skull, and then I started wrestling.


“Then I was like, ‘probably shouldn’t have done that’. I remember a promoter was like ‘you might have to cover that one day’ so I went and tattooed this bat over it. The Undertaker, he’s going to hear this for the first time.

“He knows I’m a big fan of his, and I’m sure he knows by now he’s the reason I even fell in love with this business, but no, everytime I speak to him, I start stuttering and am just in awe.”  

While Damian Priest has since made his mark in WWE and embraced the persona of The Punishment as part of the Judgment Day faction. That nickname is appropriate, because his journey from the independent circuit to the big stage of WWE saw him use the name Punishment Martinez.

That trip through the indies prior to WWE also saw Damian Priest make some personal choices, like covering up the Undertaker tattoo as he pursued his wrestling career. It’s probably for the best that he did this, because he did avoid further issues, just in case it became a problem later on.

We will have to see if Damian Priest gets any more tattoos, but he will be very picky about the ink he has on his skin at this stage of his career. You may check out the interview below, and keep logging into Ringside News for all the headlines you need.

What’s your take on Damian Priest covering up an Undertaker tattoo? Was that the right move for him to make? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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