Jey Uso entered into the Bloodline without his brother, Jimmy Uso. Since Jimmy had a knee injury, Jey needed to go it alone, and that was quite an experience.

While speaking to The Ringer, Jey Uso admitted how strange it was to make those trips without his brother, Jimmy Uso. The fact that they were in the pandemic, and there were less than ten people on each flight, that only added to the strange situation.

“There’s no crowd. You feel me? So now, we done changed the game to where everything was all character-based. It was all emotion. I didn’t need a crowd. We putting on the TV show right now. And once that clicked with me, man, I just caught on at a different level.”

Jey Uso also went into some details about how Roman Reigns helped him out in a big way. During that time in the ThunderDome, Jey Uso was able to learn how to do promos.


“That whole pandemic. I learned how to cut promos. [Roman] taught me a whole lot, and he made me a bigger star than what I appeared.”

We will have to see what Jey Uso is able to do next in his career. At this point, he is on the babyface team for WarGames at Survivor Series. Only time will tell what he will be able to achieve, but he is going with a lot of momentum.

It appears that Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso is the match at WrestleMania. It will be interesting to see exactly how WWE goes about booking that match, because fans have fantasy booked that brother vs brother storyline for years.

What’s your take on Roman Reigns’ influence on Jey Uso’s career? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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