Rumors of Taylor Swift attending football game can cause havoc for WWE RAW’s viewership. That being said, her relationship with Travis Kelce is getting attention from all over.

Nikki and Brie Garcia discussed Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift, emphasizing that they believe he handles her with care in the bedroom. The former WWE wrestlers, who no longer use the Bella Twins name after leaving the organization, expressed their views in a TikTok video for Daily Mail.

Nikki Bella mentioned that she is certain that Taylor Swift is getting taken care of in the bedroom. She also had quite a way of explaining things.

“She’s, like, so in love. It’s ’cause she finally has a real man, like how he grabs her and throws her around, like girl, yeah.”


Brie Bella then clarified that they were specifically referring to activities in the bedroom. Nikki added, “Well, I’m sure he throws her around in the bedroom. I mean, come on.”

The Bella Twins stated that Swift’s strong energy requires a real man who can handle her. They praised Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, for being that kind of man.

However, The View co-host Joy Behar had a different perspective, suggesting that Swift should aim for more in her choice of partner, citing resurfaced tweets from Kelce when he was 22.

In response to the attention his old tweets garnered, Travis Kelce acknowledged using Twitter as a diary in the past and expressed his embarrassment on the New Heights podcast. He mentioned trying to have those tweets deleted since joining the NFL in 2013.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce publicly revealed their relationship in September. They have supported each other by attending each other’s games and concerts.

Despite the social media controversy, some Swifties have expressed their support for Travis Kelce, finding humor in the situation and appreciating his effort to be more mindful with his tweets.

What’s your take on Nikki Bella’s assumption about Taylor Swift’s relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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