AJ Lee did a lot to progress the women’s division in WWE, but she departed from the company for her own reasons. Years later, Nikki Bella also took off, and although AJ Lee and the Bella Twins had issues in WWE, it seems that they are both dealing with WWE snubbing them.

Nikki Bella and her sister, Brie Bella, departed from WWE and have pursued their individual careers. Recently, WWE surprisingly omitted the Hall of Famer, which did not go unnoticed by fans. Nikki Bella, now Nikki Garcia, noticed that WWE failed to acknowledge her appearance on Barmageddon.

In case you need a refresher, Nikki Bella spoke out about WWE snubbing her. She wasn’t too happy about it, as she spoke about this in recent interview with NBC Chicago.

“It’s sad. There’s obviously a lot of things I could say about that. I think more than anything it’s disappointing. I worked there for 16 years and I helped paved the way for them. Not only that, they’ve always been family to me. Walking away, for me, it wasn’t malicious. I’m at a point in my life and I wanted to do things without hearing the word ‘no’ and it was just strictly business. Maybe there were some personal things that happened over the years that also pushed me toward that but I think more than anything it’s disappointing because I don’t see it happening with the men. For some reason with the women who are outspoken and we’ve seen this with the women in the past, they just want to ban us. I think it’s sad because we all look at it as family and so, okay, they don’t want to say my name. That’s fine but hey Barmageddon got a shout out.”


AJ Lee’s name is trending on X in a big way on November 22nd. Some fans are posting their favorite AJ Lee clips, and others just dropped messages to let everyone know how much they miss her.

Some fans decided to draw a parallel between what AJ Lee went through and what just happened to Nikki Bella. A post that is gaining a lot of momentum today stated, “when they did it to AJ Lee she stood behind them erasing her legacy and what she did for the divas division and how she tried to get the girls treated fairly no one feels bad for you now that they bit you in the ass. Enjoy Barmageddon.

AJ Lee hasn’t spoken on this subject. She may have a lot to say, but she’s not one to let everyone know everything she’s thinking through shoot interviews or candid posts. Only time will tell what is next for the Bella Twins or AJ Lee, and how WWE may or may not give them their flowers for everything they did for the company. It is certainly raising eyebrows today.

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