AEW has lot of things going on right now, and sometimes plans leak out when they’re not supposed to. While some fans avoid spoilers in a big way, that is not the case for some, and it ruins the surprise of the show. There is an easy way to stop those leaks from happening.

A few big AEW plans have leaked since the company opened their doors. There is a very good way to stop that kind of thing from happening, but that may take some monitoring the flow of information.

During Kevin Nash’s Kliq This podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer shared his suggestion of how AEW can stop leaks from spoiling their plans. This came up as he discussed a recent report about how some in AEW don’t appreciate the late changes to plans. As Big Kev sees things, if AEW will limit who is getting this information, then it will stop the leaks.

“See, I don’t understand that. So I read into it and people were saying like, ‘you gave us three days to know that this match was going to happen.’ Like they didn’t… you and I could say we are going to have a match July 7th. If you and I don’t know what the finish is, we don’t have anything to give.”


“It’s real simple, I’m going to tell you guys how you do this. You tell two or three people the wrong information,” he said. “And it f*cking gets out and you know who the rat is. F*cking… That’s like booking 101. Sit people down and tell them, ‘Hey don’t let this get out but this is what we are doing.’ And if it gets out and you only tell three people, guess what… Voila.”

We will have to see if Tony Khan’s company takes this suggestion. The fewer people who know about anything certainly limits the chance that someone will spill the beans. After all, they say that the only guaranteed way to keep a secret between three people is if two of them are dead. Hopefully, things won’t every come to fatalities, but the general idea could be implemented in other ways to limit the flow of information.

It is always important to know who is aware of different things. AEW has a lot of big plans in the pipeline, and Tony Khan obviously wants to keep those surprises close to the vest. Only time will tell if AEW has any big plans leak in the future, because Tony Khan would certainly prefer if that doesn’t happen.

What’s your take on how AEW can limit leaks? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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