Matt Riddle was released from WWE, and there were a lot of stories about that. There were over two dozen incidents where he had backstage heat on him, but his name still has a lot of value. That being said, every post he drops draws attention, and for good reason.

Matt Riddle just filed trademark for a nickname that he used while in WWE. He could have some big plans in the pipeline, and there is a lot of interest from multiple places in having him come in.

Naturally, Matt Riddle’s activity on social media will continue getting attention. He recently dropped a photo of himself and Misha Montana while they showed off some Friday The 13th inspired gear. The caption also revealed that they intended on posting that photo on the 13th, but they were a little late on that.

“Meant to post this on Friday the 13th, only 6 days late! Improvement.”


Matt Riddle has some big interest from other companies after his WWE release. He could show up in an MMA or bare knuckle boxing promotion, or even ink a deal with Impact Wrestling at this point.

Matt Riddle and Misha Montana also bought new car as they prepare for their new bundle of joy. The two seem to be in great spirits as they prepare for another exciting chapter in their lives.

We’re sending Matt Riddle and Misha Montana the best right now. Only time will tell where he shows up next, but The Original Bro is still his authentic self.

What’s your take on Matt Riddle’s future in pro wrestling? Where should he show up next? Let us know what you think about things in the comments section!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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